Sweet Pepper Ruby Star 10 PCS fresh seeds, Piper

Oreshka seeds
Sweet Pepper Ruby Star (Latin Piper)

Medium-early grade (110-130 days). The height of the plant is 120-150 cm . The leafiness of the variety is strong. The leaves are standard-sized, egg-shaped with a slightly elongated spout. The leaf plate is a rich green color, the surface is glossy, slightly wrinkled. It can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses.

The fruits are red, cubo-prism-shaped, 3-chamber, wall thickness 5-7 mm. Fruit weight 150-170 g. Pronounced sweet taste. Bitterness or sharpness is completely absent.

Suitable for both salad preparation and canning. Peppers are also stuffed, frozen and dried. Due to their external qualities and the thickness of the peel, vegetables are well stored in a dark and dry place, and can also be transported over long distances.

Pepper: Pepper

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