Medicinal pumpkin. SEEDS 5 PCS.

Medium-early variety (100-105 days. from sob.), short-haired. The fruit is flattened, slightly segmented, light gray with a pattern in the form of a small mesh, weighing 4-5 kg. The skin is thin and firm. The flesh is orange, thick, dense, juicy, sweet. The seed nest is medium. It is used fresh and processed. The value of the variety is its yield, excellent taste, transportability, and shelf life of up to 7 months.
Sowing: for seedlings - in the last decade of April in pots. Temperature range: during germination is 20-25 ° C, after germination of 18-20 C. After the end of the threat of spring frosts, they are planted in a well-filled organic, warmed soil or in a warm compost heap according to the scheme of 1.0 x1, 4 m. Placement - in a well-lit place
Care: pinching (remove the growth points above the 4-6-m leaf, and after the formation of 3-5 ovaries - all the growth points), watering, fertilizing during the season with complex mineral fertilizers.
Harvest: as the fruit is poured and matured.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin

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