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Sweet pepper Golden key.

The plant is thermophilic, so in the middle zone and in the north it needs greenhouses. In the south, it can be grown in the open ground. The variety is non–hybrid, early-ripening - the fruits are harvested 95-108 days after the germination of crops. The bushes reach a meter high or slightly lower.

The fruits are elongated-cone-shaped, with pointed tips, reach a length of 15-25 cm, a diameter of about 5 cm. Fruit weight – 150-200 g . The color is bright yellow with glossy walls. There are 3-4 chambers with seeds inside. The wall is 6-7 mm thick. The texture of the pulp is pleasant and tender, with excellent taste, sweet and crispy. The fruits are used for fresh consumption, cooking, preparations as part of canned salads and for freezing. They will not fit for stuffing because of the shape.

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