Hot Pepper Quintisho yellow 5 PCS fresh seeds, Chilli pepper seeds, Capsicum Annuum, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Hot Pepper Quintisho yellow var. Baccatum, Chilli pepper seeds, Capsicum Annuum

A variety of hot pepper from Bolivia, where it is very popular because of its fruity aroma and low sharpness of 5-10 thousand scovilles. Plants up to a meter in height, spreading. The pods are oriented vertically upwards. In technical maturity, they have a dark green color, then fade to bright yellow. The vegetation period is 170-180 days. The variety is very productive. Designed for growing in greenhouses. When growing at home, a pot of 3 liters is required and it is desirable to form a bush. For fresh consumption and whole-fruit canning.

Pepper: Pepper

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