Hot pepper Aladdin 5 PCS fresh seeds, Red chilli pepper seeds, Spicy pepper seeds, Pepper veg, Capsicum annuum, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Hot pepper Aladdin fresh seeds, Red chilli pepper seeds, Spicy pepper seeds, Pepper veg, Organic seeds, Non GMO (lat. Capsicum annuum).

Shrub pepper Aladdin is a perennial crop, grown from seeds. It has a compact, spreading bush. The perennial is self-pollinating, belongs to the nightshade family, is stunted and early-maturing.

Aladdin pepper is a sharp decorative variety for growing in residential conditions, but it is also suitable for open ground. It grows as a beautiful lush bush with abundant flowering. The main stem grows up to 50 cm on the plot and 25 cm in the pot. The leaves are rounded and slightly elongated. Blooms in June and ripens by September. The growing season is 90-105 days.

Small cone-shaped fruits weighing up to 20 grams and measuring up to 4 cm are yellow-green with a transition to purple in technical ripeness, orange–red in biological ripeness. The smell of peppercorns is bright, and the taste is sharp. The first fruits are produced after 3 months from sowing. You can collect more than 300 grams of fruit from one plant.

Aladdin pepper is grown both at home and outdoors. It belongs to the early varieties of shrubby form. A productive vegetable is not whimsical in care.

Pepper: Pepper

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