Zucchini Zebra 5 PCS fresh seeds, Cucurbita pepo var. giromontina zebra

Zucchini Zebra (Cucurbita pepo var. giromontina zebra)
The Zebra zucchini variety belongs to the representatives of zucchini. Early maturation is due to the minimum number of days from the appearance of the first shoots to the receipt of fully matured material and is 35-40 days. The zebra is compact in size. The shrub is weakly branched, does not require much space and a lot of light for growth. The main escape is short. The foliage has a green color, its size is medium and large, slightly dissected shape. The type of flowering on the bush is female, male flowers are quite rare.
The main advantage of Zebra zucchini is its yield. The average fruiting rate is 15 kg of fruit per bush. To date, the Zebra variety occupies a leading position in terms of yield.
Another equally important advantage of zucchini is its cold resistance. The culture can be safely grown in the northern regions, where the cold and short summers.
Vegetable culture refers to self-pollinating plants. But in cases of poor pollination, it is necessary to spray the flowers with sweet water to attract bees. In greenhouses, it is necessary to produce artificial pollination. To do this, pollen from male flowers is transferred to female flowers using cotton wool.
The fruit has a regular cylindrical shape. The surface is smooth, slightly ribbed with a small seed nest. The length of the zucchini is 15-20 cm. The skin is thin, but dense. Thanks to this, it perfectly tolerates transportation. Zebra zucchini are not afraid of even long trips – they will withstand export shipments.
The flesh is juicy, white with a yellowish tinge. Its taste is slightly sweet. The photo shows that the name of the Zebra zucchini is not given in vain. The fruits are colored with dark green and light green longitudinal stripes, and there is also an uneven spotting.
As a rule, zucchini is plucked unripe, weighing about 500-600 g. But the weight of a biologically mature fruit is 0.8-1.2 kg. Zebra gives the first harvest in 40-45 days after sowing the seeds.

Zucchini: Zucchini

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