Hot Pepper Black Cobra 5 PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Hot Pepper Black Cobra (Capsicum Annuum)

Another name for this pepper is Goat Weed. The plant is powerful and tall with active lateral branching. Branches and leaves with a very thick silvery pubescence. Due to the strong pubescence, it looks very decorative. The pods are oriented vertically upwards, in technical maturity they have a black color, then they fade into scarlet.
The sharpness is high, up to 100,000 SKU, the taste of the pulp is sweet with a strong pepper aroma. With the observance of agricultural technology, it is very productive. It is possible to grow in containers with a capacity of 3 liters or more.
For fresh use, use in sauces and for drying.

Pepper: Pepper

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