Pumpkin Pink banana Squash 5 PCS fresh seeds, Jumbo Pink Banana Squash

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Pumpkin Pink banana Squash (Jumbo Pink Banana Squash) refers to exotic melons. Unlike the usual round pumpkins in Russia, it forms elongated, zucchini-like fruits. The variety was bred in the United States and has been known for about 100 years, but in our country it appeared relatively recently.
The bush is long-spun, 1 pumpkin occupies an area with a diameter of about 5 m, actively rises on the supports. Strong lashes at the same time withstand the weight of the fruits poured on them. During the flowering and ripening period, the pink banana becomes very decorative.
Pink banana pumpkin is able to tie many fruits throughout the summer, if it is provided with suitable conditions. But even in a poorly chosen place, it will please the owner with 1-2 large and original-looking fruits. The plant is resistant to most diseases caused by pathogenic fungi, rarely suffers from root rot and perfectly tolerates temperature fluctuations. In Russian conditions, it is quite capable of growing in the open ground.
The yield of 1 bush varies depending on the care provided to the Pink Banana pumpkin, and ranges from 10-15 to 50-60 kg.
With the observance of agricultural techniques, up to 3 fruits can be formed on the whip and reach full ripeness, the remaining ovaries do not have time to fully fill, and their crust – to get stronger. They are suitable for food, although they do not have the sweetness that fully ripened. You can not store such pumpkins, but you can recycle them.

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