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Hot pepper Jalapeno Brown (c. annuum).

This variety of hot pepper cannot be completely attributed to the varietal group of jalapeno. Most likely, this is a stable cross between some of the varieties of jalapeno and Ancho Mulato.

The plant is more than a meter tall and requires attachment to a support so that it does not collapse under the weight of the pods. The yield is very high. The pods are up to 12 cm long in shape, like a jalapeno. There may be small longitudinal folds on some lines. The pod wall is thinner than that of the classic jalapeno varieties.

Sharpness up to 5000 scovilles. The taste is sweet, there are smoky notes in the aroma. The growing season is 130-140 days when grown in a greenhouse.

It is best suited for fresh consumption or for stuffing.

Pepper: Pepper

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