Tomato balcony miracle 10 PCS fresh seeds

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Tomato balcony miracle
Externally, it is a small bush with clusters of small tomatoes of a rich red color, which reaches a height of 40 cm. You can get up to 2 kg of ripe fruit from one plant. There are cases when the height of the bush reached 50-60 cm, and the yield index – 3 kg. The stem of tomatoes is single and strong, the ribbed leaves are dark green in color. The plant itself is compact, does not take up much space on the balcony, bears fruit 2 times a season, even in poor lighting and close proximity. Small flowers are collected in inflorescences of several pieces.
Balcony miracle tomatoes grow in small clusters of 5-8 pieces. The fruits are small, round, dark red in color without impurities, weigh from 15 to 40 g, have no ribbing, a specific taste. Tomatoes have a sweet and sour taste, firm flesh and smooth skin.
Tomatoes are used fresh for making sauces and salads. If desired, they can be canned, put into processing. When salting and pickling, the appearance and taste of the fruit do not deteriorate. Tomatoes remain whole, dense, juicy.

Tomato: Tomato

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