Daikon Minovasi 50 PCS fresh seeds, Raphanus sativus var. Longipinnatus

Oreshka seeds
Daikon Minovasi (lat. Raphanus sativus var. Longipinnatus)

They grow up to 60 cm in length, weighing 1-1. 5 kg each! From a square meter, you can collect 10-13 kg. The flesh of this daikon is called glass or ice, it is so dense, refreshing, juicy and delicious, sweet, it is not porous. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical, it narrows at the tip. The skin is tender, thin, white, has a greenish tinge near the leaves. The socket is erect, but it splits at the edges, tilts to the ground. The leaves are green with a grayish tinge, of average size for this culture.
Minovasi can be grown in all regions. This is a late-maturing variety. It takes 65-70 days from sowing to full maturity, but no one forbids picking a root crop a week earlier and eating a young daikon. But for winter storage, the vegetable should be allowed to ripen, then it will lie in the cellar until the New Year. At the same time, mature Minovasi does not lose its qualities, it remains the same pleasant to the taste, dense and juicy. These qualities are also preserved during storage.
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