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Tomato Zlato
The color of the fruit of this tomato is bright, golden, hence the colorful name. Tomato is bred in Russia, entered in the State Register of varieties, and it is grown everywhere. The bush belongs to the determinant type, in height-up to one and a half meters. Usually, if the plants are planted in a greenhouse, then there the bushes reach their maximum (140-150 cm), on the ridges the tomatoes will be lower – up to 90-100 cm.
The leaves are medium-sized, the color is light green. The fruits begin to be laid in the inflorescence above the 7th leaf (the first brush), followed usually through one (possibly two) leaves. Tomatoes have a weight of about 200 grams (this is on average), but there are fruits up to 250-280 grams. The color of the fruit at first is light green, with a dark green spot near the peduncle. Then, as it matures, the tomato turns bright orange, bright.
The shape of the fruit is rounded, slightly flattened. Up to four chambers are usually formed inside. These tomatoes are especially delicious in fresh form, so their purpose is mainly salad. It is used for slicing, in various snacks. The taste is sweet, there is a classic tomato flavor. The orange color of the fruit provides the presence of carotene in them. According to the reviews of many who grew Gold, its fruits are very pleasant and juicy.

Tomato: Tomato

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