Turnip Petrovskaya 50 PCS fresh seeds, Brassica Rapa Petrovskaya, Neep, Rutabaga, Turnip seeds, Vegetable seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Turnip Petrovskaya fresh seeds, Brassica Rapa Petrovskaya, Neep, Rutabaga, Turnip seeds, Vegetable seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO (lat. Brassica Rapa Petrovskaya)

The ripening period is average, that is, about 70 days should pass after planting, after which the variety will finally ripen and be ready for eating. The shape of the turnip is round, sometimes there is a slightly elongated root crop, its skin is smooth and evenly colored yellow. The fruit itself is quite dense and has a pronounced pleasant aroma. Usually each fruit weighs about 80-180 grams, but with proper care, 300-450 grams are often found. The leaves of the variety are very strongly dissected and have a light turquoise shade in the sun, and in the dark the usual green color. They are small in size. They are often arranged in several pieces in one place and have a small distance between each other. The petiole of the turnip is green, it is thin and often occurs with a blue tint.

This variety belongs to unpretentious and hardy crops that are not afraid of frosts and dry periods. A very important criterion for growing a food crop is the amount of harvest. So, this variety has a high yield, on average from 1 square meter you can get 2-5 kilograms of harvest. Due to the fact that maturation occurs quickly, turnips can be planted as much as 2 times in one season. And you will harvest twice as much.

This variety tolerates cold weather well, but does not treat severe frosts well. If the root crops are frozen, they cannot be stored for a long time, but immediately eaten or preserved for several days. Turnips perfectly tolerate the hot period and drought, but still it is not worth experimenting and leaving turnips for a long time, since the fruits may start to turn bitter.


Attractive appearance, the fruits are large and have the right shape.

Smooth skin.

Pleasant aroma and sweet taste of the pulp.
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