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Tomato persimmon
The variety is one of the determinants. This means that the growth of the bush is limited to the formation of a certain number of brushes: from 4 to 8. Under normal conditions of unprotected soil, the Persimmon tomato grows up to 70-90 cm, in good greenhouses it can reach a height of up to 1.4 m, and sometimes more.
The stems are very powerful, but because of the large and heavy fruits, the bushes still require tying, especially in greenhouses. The variety requires the mandatory formation of a bush, first of all-pasynkovaniya. It is customary to form a Persimmon bush in one stem in greenhouses and in two-in the open ground. The foliage of the bush is high, the leaves are large, light green. Tomato Persimmon belongs to medium-ripened varieties: the first fruits ripen in 90-105 days after the emergence of seedlings. The fruiting period is extended, the maximum yield described in the State Register is 5.8 kg/m2.
On each brush of simple inflorescences, usually three large tomatoes are formed. Their average weight is about 300 g. However, getting half-kilogram copies is not uncommon. In the appearance and color of ripe fruits, their name is clearly manifested: they are like two drops of water similar to the southern fruit-persimmon. The shape of the fruit is rounded, slightly flattened, there is almost no ribbing. Ripe tomatoes are colored bright orange, but on unripe fruits, dark green spots last for a long time, mainly at the peduncle.

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