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Tomato Bosque blue bumblebee, Bosque Bumblebee.

A beautiful, very productive variety, a greenhouse decoration!

A powerful, tall, indeterminate variety, up to 200 cm high. The variety is medium-ripe, for greenhouses and open ground. Tomatoes grow in brushes and there are a great many of them, a whole swarm of bumblebees. We recommend forming 3-4 trunks with mandatory pasinkovanie and garter.

The fruits are beautiful, yellow round-oval with purple dusting, dense, but juicy, weight 50-80gr. The more sun the fruits get when they ripen, the more anthocyanin there will be, up to the point that the tomatoes will become completely black. The taste of the tomato is very sweet with a slight sourness, refreshing, the flesh is yellow, juicy.

The fruits are good for fresh consumption, as well as whole-fruit canning.

Tomato: Tomato

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