White beans with a black eye 30 PCS fresh seeds, Vigna unguiculata

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White beans with a black eye (Vigna unguiculata).
Annual plant; height no more than 0.3 m; triple bean — type leaves; fruit — pod with white beans with a black spot; bean maturation period: 120 days; difference from beans-curved flower corollas; demanding heat (short frost destroys planting); Black eye resistance to shading; sensitivity of beans to soil moisture; grows on loamy, sandy and clay soils; increased soil acidity does not affect the yield of beans; it is possible to get up to 3 kg.beans from the plant; excellent honey plant.
The main value of the Black eye is the presence of protein (23 g/100 g). It completely replaces animal protein. Beans are an alternative for people who do not eat meat and dairy products.
Vigna supplies a person with vitamins of group B, PP, A, C, iron, and calcium salts. Beans have an optimal ratio of potassium and sodium. This helps to remove excess fluid from the body.
Black eye with proper care provides gardeners with a high yield. Growing Tips:
The success of the enterprise depends on the correct choice of planting material.
In the Middle Zone, it is recommended to grow Black Eye through seedlings. In the south, the beans have enough of a warm period.
It is recommended to plant beans in the ground when the ground is warmed up to 15-17 degrees at a depth of 10 cm.
The soil should be fertilized with organic matter (a bucket per square meter) and mineral complex (on the manufacturer's recommendation).
It is recommended to sow beans with pre-soaked seeds according to the scheme 70x80 cm.
Provide plants with a strong support. A wire stretched between the posts will do.
It is recommended to carry out loosening and remove weeds.
It is necessary to monitor the moisture content of the soil: vigna does not tolerate drought and excess water.

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