White beans with a black eye 30 PCS fresh seeds, Vigna unguiculata

Oreshka seeds
White bean Black eye, White bean with black eye (Vigna unguiculata).

Annual plant; height no more than 0.3 m; triple bean—type leaves; fruit — pod with white beans with a black spot; ripening period of beans: 120 days; difference from beans - the curvature of flower corollas; demanding for heat (short frost destroys planting); resistance of the Black eye to shading; sensitivity of beans to moisture soil; grows on loamy, sandy and clay soils; increased soil acidity does not affect the yield of beans; it is possible to get up to 3 kg of beans from the plant; excellent honey plant.

The main value of the Black Eye is the presence of protein (23 g /100 g). It completely replaces animal protein. Beans are an alternative for people who do not consume meat and dairy products.

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