Hot pepper Black hungarian 5 PCS fresh seeds, Mildly hot seeds, Black spicy pepper seeds, Capsicum annuum, Pepper veg, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper Black hungarian fresh seeds, Mildly hot seeds, Black spicy pepper seeds, Pepper veg, Organic seeds,Non GMO (lat. Capsicum annuum).

A bushy erect plant up to about 45 cm tall, it is grown mainly as a perennial. The fruits are 7.5 - 10 cm in length, similar in shape to jalapenos. The ripening period of the fruit is 70-80 days after the seedlings dive. Fruits in technical ripeness are black and purple, in biological ripeness - cherry-red.

Black Hungarian pepper is not only grown for decorative purposes, but also eaten. It is characterized by relatively weak burning, acuity on the Scoville scale 5000-10000, and is perfect for cooking fresh vegetables and pickling.

Black pods taste close to green bell pepper. Red pods are sharper than black ones and have a more intense taste, their juicy flesh at first seems sweet, but then the sweetness is replaced by sharpness.

Pepper: Pepper

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