Root celery 50 fresh seeds. Apium Graveolens seeds

Oreshka seeds
Medium-ripened high-yielding variety, the period from full shoots to harvesting of root crops is 140-150 days. The leaf blade is rich green, the petioles are light green. Round root crop with a diameter of 10-12cm. The surface color is yellowish, the flesh is ivory, tender, juicy. Root crop weight up to 600g. The lateral roots are located in the lower part of the root crop. The variety has a high yield. Currently, root celery is becoming increasingly popular, due to its exceptional dietary and taste qualities-root vegetables contain essential oils, sugars, and mineral salts. The presented variety has a high aroma, has an increased sugar content. It is used fresh, dried, frozen, in cooking and canning industry.

Sowing for seedlings in late February-March. Seeds are small, make sure that they do not fall into the depth. To get a healthy, strong seedling, it needs careful care: loosening, watering, fertilizing. At the end of may, 60-80 day seedlings are planted in the ground according to the 40*20cm scheme. The soil should be loose and moist.

Loosening of row spacing, weeding, watering, fertilizing. Cleaning from the end of September to the end of October.
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