Zucchini spaghetti Caruso variety. Pumpkin seeds. SEEDS 5 PCS.

This is one of the most amazing zucchini - spaghetti, and in Russian - macaroni.
Recommended for table purposes. Type of spaghetti.
Middle-aged. The period from full shoots to the first fruit harvest is 57 days.
The plant is wattled. The leaf is medium-sized, green, without spotting.
The flesh is medium-density, decomposing into fibers, malosochnaya, sweet.
The taste is excellent. The dry matter content is 7.3%, total sugar 3.6%.
Fruiting of the crop will occur earlier and will be more abundant if you choose a Sunny, well-protected area from cold winds, preferably on the southern or South-Western slope.
For the plant, well-seasoned, light sandy loam and loam with neutral acidity are preferred. In autumn, the plot is limed (if necessary) and organic matter is added (half a bucket per square meter).
When determining the timing of sowing, they are guided by the soil temperature. It should warm up to +12C.

Zucchini: Zucchini

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