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Cherry tomato yellow summer sun
The tomato of the Summer Sun type belongs to the variety of cherry varieties and among gardeners has received the name Summer Sun, which emphasizes the main feature of the fruit in the form of a bright, rich yellow color. The variety was appreciated by connoisseurs of tomato varieties and 1 kg of seed material from the Israeli manufacturer Hazera Genetics was sold for $ 350,000.
The description refers to the plant as an indeterminate species, the height of the bushes can reach 2 meters, so the shoots need to be tied up. The advantages of the variety are high yield rates. During the fruiting period, the brushes are covered with small tomatoes, which hang in numerous clusters and create the effect of a wall of vegetables.
The variety belongs to high-yielding varieties. The shoots form numerous ovaries, in which a large number of tomatoes are formed.
diameter 2.5-3 cm;
neat rounded shape;
the content of 7 to 8 fruits per brush;
the weight of one fruit is up to 30 grams.
Tomatoes have a bright amber color and create a glow effect from the inside. The fruits are characterized by a rich tomato taste and smell. Tomatoes are dense vegetables and have a strong skin. The flesh has a fleshy consistency, keeps its shape when cut and does not allow the contents to spread.

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