Black Moor tomato 10 PCS fresh seeds

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Black Moor tomato
It is grown to produce small fruits suitable for use in fresh form or in home preparations. The variety has a good taste and is suitable for transportation.
Characteristics: semi
-determinant type of bush; medium-ripe maturation period; after the appearance of sprouts, tomatoes are harvested in 115-125 days; the height of the bush is up to 1 m, in the greenhouse it reaches 1.5 m;
the first brush is formed after 8 leaves, the rest-through the next 3 leaves; fruit weight-50 g; dark red shade; thick skin; elongated shape; fleshy and juicy flesh; sweet taste.
About 5-6 kg of tomatoes are removed from each square meter of plantings. On one brush, from 7 to 10 fruits ripen, but their number can reach 18.
According to the characteristics and description of the tomato variety, Black Moor is suitable for preparing appetizers, salads, first and second courses, sauces and juices. Due to the thick skin, they can be used for home canning: salting, pickling, fermenting.

Tomato: Tomato

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