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Hot pepper Black Pearl Pepper

Mid-season, low-growing variety of hot pepper with black foliage. A very decorative variety. Can be grown in different conditions. The bushes do not grow higher than 45 cm; they have neat shoots with numerous tassels and piquant peppers collected in clusters. There are 6-8 baby peppers in 1 bunch. The leaves and stems are dark in color and have a glossy, smooth surface. The flowers are purple, up to 2.5 cm in volume, pollinated without insects.

The fruits are spherical, slightly elongated with a diameter of 1 cm. The average weight of peppers is 2-3 g. The color remains black for a long time, then turns into ruby. The skin is durable and shiny.

On the Scoville scale, the degree of pungency corresponds to 30 thousand units.

The compactness of the plants allows you to keep them in apartments, houses, cafes for decoration and at the same time use them for food.

Pepper: Pepper

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