Kidney red speckled beans 30 PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Kidney red speckled beans (Kidney red speckled) have a cherry-maroon color with pink spots. In shape, it resembles a kidney, for which it got its name (from the English "kidney" - kidney). Red variegated Kidni has a pronounced rich taste and aroma. It is great for making salads, soups and second courses.
The red variegated Kidney bean, like most other cultivated varieties of beans, belongs to the genus Bean, the species common Bean (Phaseolous vulgaris). This is the most common type of bean, a polymorphic plant that has many varieties and cultivars. Bush forms of common Beans reach 20-60 cm in height, curly and semi-curly-2-3 m in length.

Beans: Beans

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