Violet kohlrabi cabbage 30+ fresh seeds. brassica oleracea var. gongylodes 'violeta'

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Kohlrabi cabbage 'Violeta' is a variety of Czech selection. Approved for use throughout the Russian Federation in 1995.

The variety is characterized by good frost resistance.

The size and shape of the growth:

Representatives of the kohlrabi cabbage variety 'Violeta ' is a medium-sized semi-vertical rosette with a diameter of 50-70 cm. Leaf blade of medium size, oval, flat, blue-green color. The shape of the leaf tip is blunt. Lobulation is moderate. The towniness, scallopiness, and recess of the edge are average.

Blistering of the leaf blade is weak, waxy coating of medium intensity. The color of the veins is light purple. Petiole of medium thickness, light purple color.


Size, shape and color:

The stem is medium-sized, 6-9 cm in diameter, roundish-flat, dark purple in color, with a flat top. The flesh is white. Weight 1.5–2.0 kg.


The flesh is tender and juicy. The stem is characterized by good taste.

Maturation period and yield:

Kohlrabi cabbage 'Violeta ' refers to late-maturing varieties (late-maturing). The period from sowing until the onset of technical maturity of 100-110 days. Commercial yield 2.2-2.6 kg / m2.

Keeping quality:

The keeping quality of the crop for winter storage medium.

Method of application:

Recommended for fresh consumption and processing.

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