Sweet pepper mini candy. SEEDS 10 PCS.

Oreshka seeds
A new variety of sweet decorative mini pepper. Designed for growing in an apartment, loggia or country house - in beautiful pots or other containers. Early maturing (42 - 44 days. from seedling planting to technical ripeness). The plant is 20-25 cm high, 20-30 cm wide in the crown. Many small (6-8 cm), conical, growing up, often arranged fruits are tied on the Bush. The color of fruits in technical ripeness is yellow, in biological-red. Mature gradually, gradually changing color from yellow to red. It tastes sweet and fragrant. Suitable for food purposes, but mainly have a decorative function. The value of the variety: decorative and unpretentious in cultivation.

Sowing: from the 2nd-3rd decade of February on seedlings to a depth of 1-1. 5 cm in moist fertile soil. The optimal soil temperature for rapid seed germination ( from 7 to 14 days) is 25°C. When the soil temperature is below 18°With seeds germinate 3-4 weeks. Seedlings are planted in a large pot for growing in an apartment or in a protected ground on a country plot.

Care: watering, fertilizing, additional lighting in the dark.

Harvesting: the fruit can be removed at the stage of technical ripeness (dark green fruit).

Pepper: Pepper

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