Purple radish 50 fresh seeds. Raphanus sativus var. sativus seeds

Oreshka seeds
A new variety of radish.
Early ripening (25-30 days. from germination).
Designed for growing in the open ground and under film shelters.
Not prone to shooting.
Root vegetables are rounded, bright purple, weighing 15-20 g.
The flesh is white, juicy, slightly sharp taste.
Good for decorating dishes.
Sowing: in the ground is made in early spring to a depth of 1-1. 5 cm according to the 5x10 cm scheme after thinning.
The soil should be fertile, sandy loam or loam with a slightly acidic reaction.
Care: mandatory crop rotation (do not sow after cruciferous crops) to avoid damage by pests and diseases.
Harvesting: as the root crops form, preventing overgrowth.
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