Big sweet carrot Tushon 50 fresh seeds. Daucus carota subsp. sativus

Oreshka seeds
Early carrots, which contain a large amount of vitamins that are so necessary for the body after the winter period, are very valuable. Such a vegetable is called a bunch, and it is to such a variety that the name of which is pronounced with a somewhat French prononse — Touchon. Its creation in 2006 was announced by the Agrofirm Poisk. Our hero was included in the state register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation in 2009. It is recommended for cultivation in the Central region of Russia (Bryansk, Vladimir, Kaluga, Moscow, Ivanovo, Ryazan, Tula, Smolensk regions). it also shows good results in Moldova and Ukraine. It is not a hybrid.
Description Leaf rosette semi-spreading. Leaves are long-stemmed, medium-sized, green, medium or large dissected. It belongs to the Amsterdam variety type. The root crop is cylindrical, with a blunt tip, aligned. The size is small-15-18 cm, weight from 96 to 170 grams or a little more. The skin is very thin (you can not even clean it, just wash it well), a beautiful bright orange color. The surface is smooth, with small eyes. Carrot flesh is the same color as the skin, juicy and very sweet. The core color does not differ from the pulp. 100 grams of raw material contains: 9.6-18.4% of dry matter, 5.4-8.2% of sugars, up to 17.8 mg of carotene. Features Touchon refers to early maturing, from the advent of mass germination to harvest takes 70 — 90 days; product yield of good — 296 — 416 kg/ha, 50 — 70 kg/ha exceeds that of Nantes 4 is standard Gribochki F1. The best yield was achieved in the Ryazan region and amounted to 616 kg/ha; disease resistance good.
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