Sweet pepper Hercules 20 PCS fresh seeds, Piper

Oreshka seeds
Sweet pepper Hercules (lat. Piper)

The plant is semi-spreading, it must be tied to the support because of the weight of the fruits. The stem is powerful. The leaves are of standard size, painted in a dark green color. Flowering occurs after 2.5 months from the appearance of seedlings.
The fruits are cuboid, arranged downwards with the tops. Incredibly shiny, smooth, red. Their weight on average reaches 200 g with a fetal length of up to 12 cm. There are truly giant peppers-up to 300 g. The fruits are thick-walled, the thickness of the partition is not less than 6-7 mm.
The fruits have a pleasant sweet taste, without unpleasant bitterness. High taste qualities and a bright pepper aroma more than cover the insufficient yield of the variety.
You can grow this sweet pepper everywhere. If in the southern regions it can bear fruit even in the open ground, then in the northern regions-only under film shelters or in greenhouses.

Pepper: Pepper

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