Rocket tomato 10 PCS fresh seeds, Solanum lycopersicum

Oreshka seeds
Rocket tomato (lat. Solanum lycopersicum)

A determinant bush, a medium-ripened variety, the height of tomatoes is no more than 0.6 m. The
first inflorescence appears above the 5th leaf, the next ones are formed after 1 or 2 leaves. Fruit maturation takes from 115 to 125 days after planting.
The shape of the fruit is elongated, smooth, glossy surface, medium density. When ripe, the fruits turn red, the weight is 50 g, 4-6 tomatoes are formed in one brush, dense pulp, 2-4 chambers in the fruits, tomatoes contain from 2.5 to 4% of sugars.

Tomato: Tomato

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