White cabbage Gribovskaya 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Brassica

Oreshka seeds
White cabbage Gribovskaya (Brassica)
The variety is early-maturing. The growing season of the variety is only 60 days from the moment of planting seedlings in the open ground.
compact leaf socket: diameter 60 cm;
the leaves are whole, light green in color, completely covered with a waxy coating, the leaf length is about 20 cm, and the width is 30 cm;
round head, weight 3 kg, color light green;
dry matter is about 8%;
sugar level 5%;
the composition contains vitamins of group C; the
yield is high: about 7 kg of selected products can be collected from 1 m2.
It is believed that the Gribovsky variety becomes tastier with long-term storage. You can use it both fresh and sauerkraut.

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