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Hot Pepper Fish

Fish pepper is a rare and unusual variety of hot pepper that first became famous in the Caribbean. This variety got its name because at one time it became a popular ingredient in fish and seafood dishes and was widely used in fish restaurants and eateries by the sea. The peculiarity of this pepper in the botanical sense is its high decorative value.
It has mottled white-green leaves, and the fruits in technical maturity have a striped color: on a green background, creamy white, and then yellow stripes. When ripe, the fruits are bright red in color.
In addition to decorative qualities, pepper also has a rich, bright pepper taste, similar to Serrano and Jalapeno peppers.
The maturation period is 110-120 days. The height of the plant is 50-60 cm. Acuity on the Scoville scale is 5000-30000. Fruit length: 7-10 cm

Pepper: Pepper

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