Tomato Gnome Cardinal Maura 10 PCS fresh seeds, Tomato seeds, Vegetable seeds, Organic seeds, Heirloom tomato, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Tomato Dwarf Maura's Cardinal

Determinate, mid-season, up to 1 m high. The plant is strong, powerful, with wrinkled potato leaves, formed into 4-5 stems, a garter is desirable, otherwise the bush will break under the weight of the harvest.

The fruits are flat-round, red with a chocolate tint, weighing 200g and more. The taste of the fruit is balanced, there is enough sweetness and acidity, the pulp is juicy and aromatic. Used for fresh consumption, salads, slicing, side dishes, and preparing aromatic, rich sauces.

Tomato: Tomato

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