Tiger Cub tomato 10 PCS fresh seeds, Solanum lycopersicum

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Tiger Cub tomato (lat. Solanum lycopersicum)

It has an indeterminate type of development. If the plant is not pinched, then in greenhouse conditions it will stretch up to two meters. In the open ground, the growth rates are slightly lower – mostly no more than 1.5 m. There are not too many branches, and they do not differ in spreading, so the bushes look quite compact. The leaf plates are medium in length, their color is classic, dark green.
Inflorescences of this variety are mostly complex. The tiger cub almost always shows high yield indicators, so from 7 to 9 fruit-bearing clusters are formed on the bush. In one brush, 8-12 beautiful smooth tomatoes ripen. There are 2 seed nests in the fruits. The medium-density pulp is covered with a smooth, shiny peel.
The tiger cub forms small fruits. In most cases, the weight does not exceed 30-35 grams. Quite rarely, the fruits reach the mark of 50-70 grams, but this is only with very enhanced agricultural technology. Rounded unripe berries are painted in a light green color. The situation changes as it matures. When ripe, the fruits acquire a red hue, and light stripes begin to spread on their surface. All this resembles the color of a tiger skin, which is why tomatoes got such a name.
A square meter of open land will give as much as 9.3-9.5 kg of berries, and if the plants are cultivated in a shelter, the indicators will grow to 10 or more kilograms.

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