Zucchini Ball 5 PCS fresh seeds

Early-maturing zucchini with unusual spherical fruits. Enters fruiting in 50-55 days from the appearance of seedlings. Forms Bush plants of compact hemispherical shape. The variety is cold-resistant and extremely prolific. New ovaries are constantly formed in the center of the Bush to replace the removed fruits. This natural conveyor works continuously until frost. Delicious and tender fruits weighing 100-150 g are ideal for stuffing. They are rich in potassium salts, pectin, vitamin C. Fruits can be removed and larger, weighing 0.8-2 kg. The yield reaches 15 kg / m2 .

Sowing seeds 2-3 pieces per hole. In the phase of the first real leaf, seedlings are thinned, leaving one plant each. Possible seedling method of cultivation: 20-30-day seedlings are planted in the open ground, when the threat of frost passes. To stimulate fruit formation, the harvest is carried out regularly.

Zucchini: Zucchini

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