Radish Munich beer 50 PCS fresh seeds, Raphanus

Oreshka seeds
Radish Munich beer (lat. Raphanus)

This variety belongs to the group of varieties of European summer radish, the summer white semi-long variety type. The variety is early-maturing, from full shoots to technical ripeness of 55-60 days. The root vegetable is white, of a beautiful elongated-elliptical shape, 8-12 cm long, with a white juicy and dense pulp of a slightly sharp taste. The weight of the root crop is 300-450g. The yield is high – 4.0-4.5 kg/m2. It is recommended for fresh consumption and short-term storage.
Summer varieties of radish are sown in the first decade of May. You can not place radish crops after turnips, radishes and all types of cabbage. It gives good yields on fertile loamy and sandy loam soils with a deep arable layer. On the bed, make grooves with a depth of 1.5-2cm at a distance of 25-30cm. Seeds in the grooves are sown in nests of 3 pieces. The depth of seed embedding is 2-3cm. In the phase of 3-4 leaves, thinning is carried out, leaving 15-20cm between the plants.
It consists in loosening the row spacing, hoeing, weeding, frequent watering, especially in hot sunny weather, 1-2 fertilizing with nitrophos at the rate of 25-30g per 10l of water. Overdrying of the soil, thickening of crops, weeds lead to coarsening of root crops and shooting. Cleaning is carried out as it matures. For long-term storage, root crops are placed in boxes, containers or paper bags, sprinkled with a layer of sand-2-4 cm thick. Root vegetables can be stored in the cellar in wet sand. The storage temperature is 2-3°C.
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