Tomato mini micro tom yellow 10 PCS fresh seeds

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Tomato mini micro tom yellow
A wonderful variety of mini tomato for growing in an apartment and loggia in beautiful decorative pots. Matures in 50 days. from planting seedlings. The plant is 20 - 30 cm high, compact, all covered with small (15-20 g), very sweet, amber fruits. They are used fresh, for serving the table and whole-fruit canning. The plant and fruits are very decorative. In warm weather, they can grow perfectly on a country plot in flowerpots.
Sowing: for the rasada-in March for the school with further pickings in the used container with nutritious soil. The temperature regime during germination is 25-27°C, after the emergence of seedlings-18-20°C. Place it in a well-lit place. Care: watering, fertilizing, additional lighting in the dark season.
Harvesting: As the fruits reach brown ripeness.

Tomato: Tomato

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