Corn sugar treat. Zea mays seeds variety Lakomka. SEEDS 30 PCS.

Oreshka seeds
Early-maturing variety (60-90 days from germination to harvest). The height of the plant is 170-190 cm. The height of the lower cob is 75-80 cm. Ear slightly conic, with a length of 18-23 cm, weight 200-300 g. Grain yellow-orange color, sweet taste. Suitable for all types of consumption and processing.
Sowing: in mid-may in light, fertile, well-warmed soil to a depth of 3-4 cm. Seeds germinate within 10-12 days. The optimal temperature for plant growth and development is 19-24° C. Seeding scheme 45x70 cm.
Care: 2-3 loosening, hilling. Watering is especially important during the period of tying and maturation of the cobs.
Cleaning: in the stage of milky-waxy ripeness.

Corn: Corn

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