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Hot pepper ONZA
Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, this rare variety of pepper is thick - walled, mainly used by the local population in sauces and soups. The pods are about 7.5 cm long, 2 cm in diameter, and change color from green to dark red. The plants have a slightly unusual," fuzzy " constitution, the flowers are white.
Acuity on the Scoville scale 5,000-30,000
You can grow pepper both at home and in the open ground (preferably with the use of a greenhouse.
Planting of seeds is carried out to a depth of no more than six millimeters, in loose soil. Experts consider the optimal temperature for germination to be 21°C. From planting to maturation, in most cases, it takes 10-20 days, and the ripened fruits from transplanting to full ripeness will wait for plant growers after 90-100 days.
Peppers need maximum illumination. In the absence of sufficient light at home, it is necessary to use additional lighting.
Sowing to a depth of 6 mm in pots with a depth of 8-10 cm. Keep the soil moist
Transplanting is possible when the plants have at least 2 pairs of real leaves
When the seedlings reach 10-12 cm, transplant the plants to a permanent place - in a greenhouse or in a sunny place, protected from the wind
Picking fruits when they reach technical ripeness.

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