Black Prince tomato 10 PCS fresh seeds

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Tomato black prince

This is the perfect result of crossing red and wild tomatoes.

Mid-season, indeterminate, tall, variety for greenhouses and open ground. We recommend forming the plant into 1-2 trunks with mandatory tying to a support and pinching. The tomato has a medium sized leaf. Inflorescence of simple and intermediate type.

The fruits are round, burgundy-brown in color, depending on ripeness, weighing 120-200 g. They are not prone to cracking, but are poorly stored. The tomato has very good taste characteristics. When fresh, the tomato has a sweet and sour taste, the flesh is slightly sugary in appearance, and there are a lot of seeds.

Suitable for fresh consumption, preparing salads, as well as for processing into juices and sauces. They have many useful vitamins that are very necessary for the body.

Tomato: Tomato

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