Sweet pepper Kolobok 10 PCS fresh seeds, Piper

Oreshka seeds
Sweet pepper Kolobok (Latin Piper)

Early-ripening (110 days), unpretentious variety of Bulgarian pepper. Suitable for planting in greenhouses, greenhouses, in the open ground, on the balcony or in garden pots. The plant is low, compact, semi–tubed, grows up to 60 cm in a greenhouse, and in the ground - only about 40 cm. Covered with a lot of foliage. The bright green plates have a triangular configuration and large dimensions, reliably protecting the fruits in the summer heat. It does not need support and formation of the bush, which greatly facilitates its care, eliminates mistakes among novice gardeners.

The fruits have a recognizable, round shape. The pepper is fleshy, the wall thickness is up to 1 cm. The size of each fruit in diameter is about 6-8 cm . Due to the dense skin, the crop is stored for a long time, easily tolerates transportation. It has excellent taste characteristics. The flesh of the peppers is very juicy, with a crunch.

They look good in salads and sliced, can be frozen and preserved for the winter, put in soup or caviar. An interesting shape plays well with whole-fruit baking in the oven and on the grill.

Pepper: Pepper

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