Hot Pepper Joe's long cayenne 5 PCS fresh seeds, Chili pepper seeds, Cayenne chile, Capsicum Annuum, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Hot Pepper Joe's long cayenne, Chili pepper seeds, Cayenne chile, Capsicum Annuum

One of the longest varieties in the Cayenne variety group. The length of the pods reaches 35 cm. The plant is tall, up to 1.5 meters. A very productive variety of hot pepper. Good immunity and resistance to diseases. Suitable for mass cultivation for commercial products. The use is universal: in fresh form, for drying and for canning. The vegetation period is 150-155 days. It gives the best results when grown in closed ground. The sharpness is high, up to 50,000 scovilles.

Pepper: Pepper

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