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Watermelon Charleston Gray.

This is a variety of watermelon with an oblong shape and a smooth surface, having a light green peel color without stripes. It has an original shape, remarkable taste qualities, which include tender flesh and sugar content, as well as the ability to preserve them for a long time.

Due to the light shade of the bark, it does not heat up in hot weather, as a result of which it perfectly quenches thirst. It is a good option for planting on your own plot.

Charleston Gray watermelon belongs to medium-ripened, high-yielding varieties. It is resistant to such common plant diseases as anthracnose and fusarium. Maturation occurs after about 75-100 days.

Growing a Charleston Grey watermelon directly depends on the amount of heat it receives. For full ripening, 1-2 berries are left on each plant, the remaining shoots are removed.

Watermelon: Watermelon

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