Eggplant Black Beauty 20+ PCS fresh seeds, Solanum melongena

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Eggplant Black Beauty (Solánum melongéna)

The variety is medium-ripe: in the open ground, the fruits ripen in 120-140 days after planting.
The characteristics of the variety include an excellent combination of yield indicators and resistance to adverse weather conditions. The black beauty does not stop the formation of fruits even in bad weather, which is different from other representatives of the culture.
The variety forms compact spreading bushes that grow to a height of up to 70 cm. The stems are covered with down, the leaves are small with jagged edges, have an emerald hue. Throughout the season, the culture is decorated with large light purple flowers.
Black beauty forms large pear-shaped fruits weighing 110-200 g. At the stage of technical maturity, eggplants have a rich dark purple color, which is why the variety got its name.
Ripe fruits reach 20 cm in length, 3.5 cm in diameter, weight — about 900 g. They eat vegetables young — they have a tender, delicious pulp, thin skin and almost no seeds.
Under comfortable conditions, up to 12 kg of ripe fruits are harvested from 1 m2. On each bush, up to 4 kg of eggplants of the same shape and size ripen.
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