Curly-leafed cabbage Toscana 30+ PCS fresh seeds

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Curly-leafed cabbage Toscana (Brassica)

Cabbage curly-leafed leaf Toscana or "Nero di Toscana" (Nero di Toscana). Another name is palm cabbage (Dat. palmekål).
Toscana leafy cabbage does not form a head, but resembles a sprawling, low-sitting bush in the ground. The leaves are large, elongated, on short petioles, large-bubbled, dark green. They are eaten boiled, stewed and fresh. A useful dietary product for those who want to lose weight. It contains a complex of essential amino acids and vitamins.
Seeding: grow after 40-45 days.seedlings. Sowing for seedlings-in late March-early April.
Care: watering, hoeing, weeding, loosening of row spacing. Fertilizing with organic fertilizers. Do not sow after cruciferous plants
Harvesting: as the leaf mass is formed in September-October.

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