Cucumis melo 10 PCS fresh seeds, Turkmenistan melon seeds, Melon Turkmen seeds, Melon fruit seeds, Fruiting vine

Oreshka seeds
Turkmenistan melon seeds, Melon Turkmen (lat. Cucumis melo)

Melon belongs to the family of Pumpkin plants. It forms a powerful root system. Creeping shoots can grow up to 3 m. The leaves are five-lobed, whole, rounded in shape. The flowers acquire a rich yellow color, bisexual. One plant forms from 2-3 to 8 ovaries. The Turkmen melon has a spherical shape, medium size, green or yellow rind, covered with a fine mesh. A sign of ripeness is the formation of a brown mesh on the peel.
The fruits of the Turkmen melon are medium-sized, so it is recommended to leave a maximum of 5 melons on one plant for ripening. It is important that they are on different shoots. The remaining ovaries must be removed. If this is not done, a large number of fruits will not ripen. Melons will be small, tasteless.
The average weight of a melon is 1.5-2 kg. One plant gives from 8 to 10 kg of fruit.

Melons: Melons

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