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The growing season of the Lira soybean variety is 90-100 days. In the Krasnodar region, the Lyra soybean variety Matures in the 2nd half of August.

According to the Federal state budget Commission, the Lira soybean variety belongs to the early (early-maturing) varieties.

The flower of the Lyra soybean variety is white, the bean is light brown. The seeds are elongated, yellow, and the hem is yellow. The height of the lower bean attachment is up to 12.8 cm.

The weight of 1000 Lira soybean seeds weighs 140.9-168.4 grams.

According to the originator of the variety, in average humid years, the yield of Lira soybeans is 2.0-2.4 tons per hectare, in wet years - up to 3.2 tons per hectare.

Lyra soybean seeds accumulate up to 42% protein and up to 24% oil.

Lyra soy is highly resistant to false powdery mildew, stem cancer, and ash rot. The variety is tolerant to stress factors.

According to the Federal state budgetary institution of the state export Commission, Lira soybeans do not lie down and do not crumble. According to the originator of the variety, the beans may crack if the plants are overstated for a long time.

According to the originator of the variety, due to the short growing season, the variety is able to "escape" from droughts in the second half of summer.

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