Tomato of the Far North 10 PCS fresh seeds, Solanum lycopersicum

Oreshka seeds
Tomato of the Far North (lat. Solanum lycopersicum)

They are grown in the open ground or under shelters. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, for preparing a variety of salads and preserving.
The variety belongs to the determinant type, that is, the height of the bush does not exceed 55 cm. The first inflorescence is formed after the appearance of 2-3 leaves. Up to 6 simple inflorescences are usually formed on the bush.
The leaves are of medium size, their color varies from green to dark green. This tomato not only tolerates low temperatures, but also differs in early ripening. Only 80-90 days pass from the appearance of seedlings to the harvest.
The fruits are rounded or slightly elongated in shape, smooth or slightly ribbed with an average density. Unripe tomatoes have a green color, ripe ones — red. The weight of one fruit is 60-80 g. The flesh is juicy with a sweet taste, medium-dense. There are 4-6 chambers inside the tomato.

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