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Tomato Sergeant Pepper (Sgt. Pepper's)

A medium-ripened, high-yielding, tall exotic tomato variety selected by Jason Hines.

Bush of indeterminate type, thin (like many heart-shaped tomatoes), up to 200 cm high. A garter to the support and a stepson are required. The best results were obtained when the plant was formed into 2-3 stems. The leaf of this tomato is of the usual type, brushes with long petioles of 6-8 fruits.

Tomatoes are heart—shaped, very beautiful at the stage of maturity - red-purple with a strong anthocyanin coating on the shoulders. The flesh is pink-crimson, juicy, fragrant, very good balanced taste. The more sunlight the plant of this tomato gets, the more harmonious the taste of the fruit will be and the color will become brighter. The weight of the fetus is 150-300 g .

The yield of the variety is over 4.5 kg of fruits from 1 plant, in the presence of irrigation and fertilizing, compliance with agricultural technology.

Tomato salad purpose, it also makes a very tasty and thick tomato juice.

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