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Hot pepper filius blue
Small dense bushes of this compact plant, resembling acacia umbrellas, are densely covered with dark green foliage with a bluish tinge. Filius Blue flowers with purple petals, a white core and dark blue stamens look very unusual. A particularly attractive appearance to this pepper is given by its small rounded fruits, because of the color of which it got its name. They are formed green, as they mature, they change their color first to purple-blue, remaining so for quite a long time, then become orange-yellow and finally red. Since the variety is characterized by an abundance of harvests and each plant at the same time always has a mass of fruits in different stages of ripeness, this pepper will become a real decoration of any window sill, balcony, rock garden or border flower garden. When grown indoors, the plants will delight you for years to come.
Filius Blue pepper is also edible. Its young fruits have a relatively high sharpness of 40,000-58,000 units on the Scoville scale. Unlike other chilies, when ripe, they lose their stinginess, although not completely, and acquire a sweeter taste.
The homeland of this non-hybrid variety of Chile is considered to be Mexico.
Bushy plant with a height of 20-45 cm, non-hybrid cross-pollinating variety. The fruits are erect, medium-fleshy, 1.3-1.9 cm in length and the same in diameter.
It does not require complex maintenance. It has a short growing season and is suitable for temperate climates. It bears fruit continuously for 5-6 months a year. Mature pods appear as early as 80 days after picking seedlings. Their timely collection provokes further flowering of plants. For their home maintenance, choose pots with a volume of 7.5-11 liters.
Filius Blue seeds require a temperature of at least 20 °C to germinate. Before planting, they are soaked in water.

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