Northern baby tomato 10 PCS fresh seeds, Solanum lycopersicum

Oreshka seeds
Northern baby tomato (lat. Solanum lycopersicum)

A high-yielding variety of tomatoes, bred specifically for growing in regions with a moderate and cool climate.
The place of cultivation is Open ground, film greenhouses. The height of the stem is 40-55 cm. The determinant variety. Characteristics of the bush - The leaves are small, the inflorescences are simple. The bushes are spreading. The fruit maturation period is 80-95 days. The variety is ultra-ripe. The crop is harvested at the end of July.
The nature of fruiting - Fruit maturation occurs very abundantly, in the first decade of fruiting, up to 40% of tomatoes turn red. The color of tomatoes is Bright red. The shape and weight of tomatoes -The fruits are round, with a smooth skin. The largest tomatoes weigh up to 100 g. The average weight is within 45-65 g.
Yield - Up to one kilogram of crop is harvested from one bush. And from a square meter of the area of beds up to 3 kg. Frost and disease resistance is a cold-resistant variety. It is resistant to the appearance of late blight, vertex and root rot.

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